If you are not pleased with the services purchased from, hereinafter referred to as “Markedor”, “Website” or “The website”, and you would like to turn down the purchase and to implicitly receive the money back, you can apply for the refund policy within maximum 14 working days, according to the dispositions of the Romanian Government Ordinance no.34/2014, regarding the consumers protection concerning the conclusion and execution of distance contracts.

The term of 14 working days observed for the exercise of this right begins for services, as of the day of the execution contract;

By distance contract it is understood the supply contract for services concluded between a merchant and a consumer, within a sale system organized by a merchant that uses exclusively, before and at the execution of this contract, one or more techniques of distance communication.

The rights to return within 14 working days addresses solely to clients that have purchased products online on Markedor.

The client has the right to unilaterally renounce the distance contract, within 14 working days, without penalties and without presenting any reason.

According to the Ordinance no. 34/2014 the consumer is responsible for the payment of the expenses corresponding to the return of the product to the merchant.  

The right to renounce the purchase does not apply in the case of legal persons.

Reimbursement of amounts shall be done in maximum 30 days as of the date of the denunciation of the contract by the consumer.

For any details or uncertainties regarding the return of products we kindly ask you contact us via e-mail or at one of the telephone numbers listed on

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