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The visits, usage and order of services displayed on the website, hereinafter referred to as “Markedor”, “Website” or “The website” implies the acceptance of the Confidentiality Policy for use to be detailed below. For the use in proper conditions of the site, the careful reading of the Privacy Policy.

Personal data may be revealed without your consent in case of litigations/disputes regarding payment fraud by the following addresses: banks implicated in the online payments, the International Cards Bodies and Suppliers of services/products, namely according to the law and corresponding authorities.

According to the dispositions of the Romanian Law no. 677/200, our clients have the following rights:

1)  The right to Information (art.12)

2)  The right to Access data (art.13) – the right to obtain, at request and free of charge, for one yearly request, the confirmation that the corresponding data are or are not handled by the data operator.

3)  The right to intervene (art.14) – the right to request to the data operator, through a written request gratuitously the following:    
a)  correction, actualization, blocking or deletion of the incomplete, incorrect data or illegal processing;     b)  transformation of data corresponding to illegal persons into anonymous data;    
c) notification of third parties regarding the operations observed at letters. a) and b).

4) The right to opposition (art.15) – the right to oppose, gratuitously and by means of a written notice, for appropriate and legal reasons in connection to his/her particular situation, that the data related to her/him be the object of a processing.

5)  The right to address justice (art.18) – the right to address justice for the defenses of the rights granted by the law which have not been complied with.

6)  The right to submit a complaint with the supervision authority (art.25).

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