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You have access to a large number of international suppliers Markedor offers you the opportunity to connect to a platform where you can contact manufacturers or suppliers directly. Grow your business faster and easier!

SALTY PRODUCTS Gilan Trading Kft. has been proc...
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You register on the Markedor platformUsing User and Password
You are looking for the desired productAnd unlock the supplier`s details
Negotiate and complete the transactionDiscuss all details with your supplier
How does Markedor work? It is very simple to use the platform, register, buy a subscription or credits, contact any manufacturer and negotiate the offer for what you need!
You can acces the platform, online, fast and easy Whether you are looking for a single manufacturer, or you want to create a business to business relationship with different suppliers or even communicate with a lot of suppliers, you have a choice.

Increase sales and the number of customers when you use Markedor Markedor is a global platform that aims to connect trusted suppliers with serious buyers as quickly and easily as possible.
A complex search engine that has a curated database of registered suppliers. check out the top in the food and non-food industry.
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You make non-stop sales with superior results and less effort You have a new sales channel that is permanently available to your customers.
Markedor is the platform that works 24/7 and is always there to help your customers order more and more often.
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Contact usMarkedor is a global digital platform that aims to connect reliable suppliers with serious buyers as quickly and easily as possible. A complex search engine, which has at its disposal a curated database in which verified, top suppliers from the food and non-food industry are registered.

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